Z-CoiL Footwear Gentleman-DR
  • Spring Suspension System
  • Built-in RX-Orthotic™
  • Forefoot Cushioning
  • Forefoot Multi Flex Lines
  • Rocker Bottom
  • Replaceable RX-Heel™
  • Repositionable RX-Heel™
  • Customized RX-Heel™
  • Custom Fit

“ Change your life, by simply changing
   your shoes to RX shoes.”

Retail Price : US$349  Available Sizes : M7-M9  Available Color : Black/Black
* All cowhide leather upper
* Slip resistant rubber outsole
* Enclosed coil heel or open coil heel is available.

* How Z-CoiL Footwear works(rx1=back, rx2=knee, rx3=leg, rx4=foot) :

Z-CoiL Footwear is engineered specifically to relieve foot, leg, knee, and back pain.
Its patented, shock-absorbing design greatly reduces impact to the body and distributes pressure more evenly across the foot than conventional shoes do. And less impact means less pain.

Upper :
All RX uppers are well-constructed, using top-quality materials, for years of wear.

RX-orthotic :
Z-CoiL Footwear is built upon a rigid orthotic foundation that supports and protects your entire mid-foot. By preventing over-stretching of the plantar ligaments across the base of the foot, this patented RX-orthotic helps to prevent painful heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. It also serves to distribute impact pressure evenly across the bottom of the foot, reducing sore spots. Many of our customers report an improvement in their posture when they wear RX shoes as well.

Forefoot Cushioning :
The metatarsal bones at the ball of the foot are prone to injury from repetitive impact.
Z-CoiL Footwear protects your forefoot with nearly an inch of soft and resilient cushioning, and its rocker-bottom shape gently assists your forward motion.

Coil Spring :
The signature coil under the heel of Z-CoiL Footwear helps to protect your body from the damaging effects of impact, much like the shock-absorbers in a car. As the coil compresses during heel-strike, it significantly slows the rate of impact experienced by the body. In fact, studies by Sandia National Laboratories in U.S.A. have shown that Z-CoiL Footwear provides 50% more cushioning than conventional shoes do.

An added benefit is energy return. The impact energy absorbed by the coil is stored as tension. As the foot moves forward, that tension is released, delivering 40-50% of your kinetic energy back to you. People who wear Z-CoiL Footwear often report that they feel less fatigue and have more energy at the end of the day.

Heel Pad :
If the rubber heel pad wears down, there's no need to buy a whole new pair of shoes - your RX distributor can replace the heel assembly(RX heel) at a minimal cost and in a few minutes.

RX® Heel (Coil Spring + Heel Pad) :
The heel can be easily replaceable and adjustable in a few minutes depending on customers' body weight, type of gait (walking style), type of illness, type of occupation, type of exercise, and other conditions. The heel has two types, open type of coil heel and enclosed type of coil heel. And each of them has more than 5 different coil sizes and tensions in order to customize. The open RX® heel can be adjusted by every 90 degree, and exchanged the left heel to the right heel and the other way to customize and fit, if needed.


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